Car Accident Laws

Book with gavel laying on top of it and sign that reads "Statute of Limitations"

Statute of Limitations on Car Accidents

By Tom Jackson

If you are the victim in a traffic accident, you have assorted options at your disposal. Among these are making…

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Couple arguing with insurance about no pay, no play laws

What Does No Pay, No Play Mean?

By Robert Shaw

“No Pay, No Play” sounds like a leveraged ultimatum from an athlete refusing to show up to training camp. A…

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Car accident with two cars that share fault

What Does Comparative Negligence Mean?

By Robert Shaw

Like success or failure in the sports arena, car accidents in many cases are a matter of inches. As for…

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Document describing contributory negligence on a lawyer's desk

What Does Contributory Negligence Mean?

By Maureen Milliken

There are four U.S. states in which the plaintiff may not be able to recover damages if they, too, were…

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